Pastoral Care

June 2016

Pastoral care is a youth program offered to students in years 4 to 8 at Wisdom College. The program segregates the boys and girls into separate groups and consists of weekly activities during after school hours. Teachers and mentors run programs voluntarily. We incorporate good values and ethics into our programs as the students are of a predominantly ethnic background. The program offers students a chance to listen to a short discussion about good morals and ethics, followed by an activity. Such concepts allow students to grasp a stronger bond with their teacher/mentor and develop social skills as we strongly support interactivity between other students and the mentor. Fundamentally we endeavour to build their self-esteem by giving each student responsibility and the opportunity to speak out and ask how to tackle contemporary or daily issues.

Our aim is to provide a caring and nurturing environment so participants feel they are a part and to develop their social and educational skills. Mentors/teachers are also of an ethnic background hence attire; beliefs and ethics are similar to those of who attend. This similarity aids in students feeling comfortable and anticipate to be taken as role models. This is a general guide to what takes place in pastoral care. However tutoring and sports training are also a part of the programs we offer. It is crucial to cater for the young generation in the developing world, particularly when students are aware of unbreakable stereotypes and minority groups.

This month we have had to put a hold on weekly pastoral care sessions as it is the month of Ramadan for Muslims and our pastoral care sessions collide with the breaking of the fast. Instead we have held whole day sessions where students were divided int o two groups and were involved in a two-day program from 1 in the afternoon through to 9 at night. During these sessions we covered values and ethics discussions, reading, sporting and film sessions, various activities and finally we implemented Iftar (the breaking of the fast) in the program as most students are Muslim and were fasting.



Iftar Message from Hon Glen Elmes, Multicultural Minister

“I would like to extend, on this special special occasion, my greetings to all Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. I was honoured to have been invited by the Queensland Intercultural Society to sponsor the first Newman Government’s Iftar Dinner at Parliament House and grateful for the opportunity to participate in the breaking of the daily fast. Queensland […]