Australia is a nation that comprise of people of different cultural and religious backgrounds. It is thus of utmost importance that interfaith dialogue and cross cultural relations are enhanced to promote peace and harmony within diverse multi-faith communities in Australia. More concrete efforts must be undertaken to strengthening the social fabric of Australia. As such, interfaith relationships of mutual trust and acceptance are therefore not just desirable accompaniments of dialogue but are necessities that are indispensable for mutual understanding.

Queensland Intercultural Society (QIS) was established with the intention of playing a part in this cause. Our aim is to promote the harmony of Australia’s diverse cultural values at both the national and international level, to promote and foster harmonious relations between faith communities in Australian society. We have and will continue to raise public awareness on social justice issues and organize events such as international conferences focusing on inter-civilizational dialogues and issues of social cohesion. QIS has also been a leading advocate of arts festivals particularly that associated with Turkish culture. QIS will continue to organize church visits, joint interfaith projects and various other public events to enhance relations between our members and the larger Australian nation.

QIS was established by a group of young Australian Muslims in 2007 as a platform bringing together people in the State of Queensland. Founders of QIS see the need for the Muslim community to interact with the greater society and meet the needs of the general public to increase its awareness of the Muslim community, its religion and culture.

Founders of QIS have been involved in intercultural work since 2004 assisting in intercultural projects undertaken in Brisbane including university panels and the first ever intercultural Iftar dinner at the Parliament House. QIS has positioned itself at an historic crossroads of cultural encounters. Its entry will provide great impetus to the development of positive dialogue initiatives in QLD.

Principles and Values of Queensland Intercultural Society (QIS)

Our core principles direct our decision making and individual and organisational behaviour.

* Sincerity in intention and action

* Positive Action in every situation

* Service to God and humanity

* Balance in self and organisation

* Consultation with the right people

* Respect in self and other

* Interdependence with partners

Identity of Queensland Intercultural Society (QIS)

QIS is the first intercultural organisation established by the Muslims in Queensland specifically to focus on building relationships between people of a diversity of cultures and faiths that make up the multicultural and multi-faith social fabric of Australia.

QIS plans to energise the intercultural work that has already progressed in QLD with innovative and pioneering initiatives in coming years. It aims to add value to the already substantially developed intercultural movement in Australia.

Areas of focus
QIS core activities will focus on three key areas:

a) Dialogue & building relationships:

* Interfaith dialogue

* Social and cultural interactions

* Academic projects with universities

* Relations with the Muslim Community

b) Information services:

* Information services for schools and universities

* Publications and support resources

c) Youth activities & focus:

* Youth development programs

* Universities interfaith and intercultural clubs

* Schools interfaith and intercultural education services




Iftar Message from Hon Glen Elmes, Multicultural Minister

“I would like to extend, on this special special occasion, my greetings to all Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. I was honoured to have been invited by the Queensland Intercultural Society to sponsor the first Newman Government’s Iftar Dinner at Parliament House and grateful for the opportunity to participate in the breaking of the daily fast. Queensland […]